3 Kids Cartoons from the 90s with Adult Humor

Being an adult means you have had enough real-world experience to appreciate things you wouldn’t have in your childhood. For many of us who grew up loving cartoons in the 90’s, we tend to go back now and again to watch them to get a nostalgia bomb and newfound sense of appreciation. But then we discover that some of those beloved childhood cartoons contain some humor that is only fit for an adult audience.

Here are three kids cartoons from the 90’s that got away with a couple of grown-up jokes.

3. The Tick

When The Tick debuted in 1994, it spoofed the superhero genre to great effect. It featured a shredded blue tick man with ungodly strength and invulnerability. The show contained many pop culture references and jokes that pleased adults but went over the head of its younger audience. (perhaps, that is why kids didn’t really get into it that much). It was satirical to a fault, and we can’t help but chuckle now that we’re all grown up.

2. Rocko’s Modern Life

Credit: NerdWire

Rocko’s Modern Life was a bit of an oddball when it premiered back in 1993. We had to watch Rocko, a wallaby who moved from Australia to the USA to live the dream only to be disillusioned by facing more life challenges. At one point in the show, Rocko had to work as a phone sex operator. This is hilarious now as an adult, but no kid in the 90’s got the implications of this deeply profound and satirical cartoon.

1. Animaniacs

Credit: Next of Ken

The Animaniacs Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, took adult humor to another level. Remember that one episode where the teacher asked Yakko if he can conjugate, and he responded by saying he has never even kissed a girl?

How about the one where they sang about Lake Titicaca with too much emphasis on Titicaca? If you watch this show now, you will notice that the writers got away with a lot, and you will bust a gut.

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