4 Memorable Kid’s Sitcoms from the 90s

These are the sitcoms that filled our bellies with laughter growing up in the 90s. Even though we got to spend 30 minutes with these shows, their jokes, characters and stories shaped our childhood. These sitcoms were a huge part of our lives, and that’s why they are memorable. Plus, they formed part of the legendary TGIF lineup.

Boy Meets World

This iconic show made growing up in the 90’s worth it. Watching Cory Matthews and Topanga develop their love from middle school all the way to college was a blast. And we can’t forget Shawn, Cory’s best bud, with his awesome hair and smile.

A reboot aired on The Disney Channel in 2014 called Girl Meets World, which focused on the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Though it was a kid’s show, we grown-ups tuned in to see the gang back together again – needless to say, the reunion didn’t disappoint.

Family Matters

Credit thatniggayungron

This show followed the exploits of Carl Winslow, who had to handle the stresses of being a cop, only to return home and also have to deal with everyone else, from his wife and kids to his mother and, of course, the show-stealing Steve Urkel.

Once Urkel was introduced, the hilarity and craziness was dialed up to 11, with crazy science experiments that always went wrong. That’s when Urkel would say his signature phrase: “Did I do that?”.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Credit: Michael Patrick Lee

Sabrina is a teenage girl trying to get through high school with her boyfriend, Harvey. That is until she discovers she has magical powers on her 16th birthday and learns from her two aunts, who she lives with, that she comes from a long line of witches.

As Sabrina learns to control her powers, she often causes chaos, leading to a number of hilarious scenarios. Oh, and she has a 500-year-old talking cat named Salem, a former warlock bent on world domination until he was turned into a cat.

Full House

Credit: Allen Douangchak

Full House follows a recently-widowed man, Danny Tanner, as he tries to raise his three daughters, D.J, Stephanie and Michelle. He enlists the help of his good-looking brother-in-law, Jesse, an aspiring rock musician, and his best friend from childhood, Joey, a stand-up comedian and man-child.

Full House was a show full of heart, and we took great joy in watching the children grow and bond with their dad and uncles. Netflix rebooted the show in 2016, calling it Fuller House. It follows a recent-widowed D.J who enlists the help of Stephanie and her best friend, Kimmy, to help raise her three kids in their childhood home.

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