90s Kids Rejoice! Your Era is Coming Back

Being born in the 80s meant growing up in the 90s.  So it’s only natural that we’re a little nostalgic when we remember relating the situations and circumstances of our favorite TV show characters to our personal lives.  And the sentiment is expounded at the possibility of doing so again.  In recent years, we have rejoiced at the news of our favorite childhood TV shows returning to the small screen.  Some have already aired; others are in the works.  Whichever the case, here are some of the 90s TV shows that we are most excited about seeing come back.

Girl Meets World

Boy Meets World was a 90s phenomenon.  We were all pretty saddened when we heard news that it was ending just in time for the new millennium.  And, of course, we were that much more excited when its continuation was announced in 2014, shifts its focus to the new generation of the Matthews family.  Just as we were saddened to hear that it was ending again just a few months ago, though some potential changes to that plan have left us hanging on edge.  Whether it remains or not, it was great to see that Topanga’s still hot, Corey’s still goofy, and a little of them both seemed to have rubbed off on Riley.

Fuller House

No one was quite sure why Full House ended.  Its ratings remained strong, and some of its most prominent actors and actresses went on to take other TV roles (some even remaining on the same network).  So it’s no surprise that its series sequel was met with collective excitement; enough, in fact, to recently merit a third season.


A show that lasted the full gambit of the 90s decade, Beverly Hills, 90210 was a show that set cultural trends and allowed us to grow from teen years to adulthood with people that we would never actually meet.  So it’s not surprising that its reboot came relatively sooner (compared to others on this list) in 2008, though with a very different approach.  The reboot only lasted half as long as its predecessor, but it was still fun to see a few of our original favorites make a few cameos and reprisals along the way.

X – Files

Many would argue that 90s cult classic “The X – Files” created a new subgenre in itself.  At any rate, it left us terrified of the unknown . After a seemingly random follow-up movie back in 2008, many diehard fans wondered if it was the signal of a continuity reboot.  It was, in fact, for a limited 10th season.  Rumors continue to abound regarding even more episodes, keeping the series’ future shrouded in the same mystery that permeates each episode.

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