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80kids.com is a website dedicated to 80s kids who experienced their childhood in the 90s. Let’s face it: those of us who grew up in the 90s, and were young children in the 80s are starting to age out of “being cool,” but why can’t we celebrate the 90’s, for as awesome as they were! 80s kids who grew up in the 90s certainly remember Hey Arnold, Legends of the Hidden of the Temple, Doug, and the Rugrats! We watched funny, fresh, and family-friendly TV shows like Full House and the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. We all wore bell-bottom jeans and t-shirts and had pet rocks, as well as Chia pets. If you grew up in the 90s you’ll also remember when Britney Spears shaved her head, when funky retro diners were “the bomb”, when All-American-Rejects, Nirvana, and Celine Dion were cool, and when everybody used strange phrases like,” cool beans,” and “to-tally!” Who also doesn’t remember the Olsen Twins when they were young?

We were the last generation of children who grew up without cell phones and iPads. We had “MySpaces” and used AOL chat rooms; we didn’t have Facebooks until we were in college. (That was when Facebook was only for college students!) Some of us grew up remembering when our parents bought their first desktop computer for the house. We ALL had home phones and answering machines too! Us 80s kids started out our music collections with cassette tapes, and gradually accepted the short-lived appearance of CDs. Although our parents had record collections, we had shelves and plastic crates full of both cassettes and CDs!

We also grew up with most of our young lives under the Clinton presidency and were horrified about the Clinton sex scandal. Maybe we even were told that our parents “walked uphill to school both ways!” If your parents ever used that phrase on you or “gave you a time-out” in the corner, you probably grew up in the 90s! We are proud to be born in the 80’s and have grown up in the 90’s! We are 80’s kids, who loved the 90’s! 80s-90s kids can enjoy this website as a way to celebrate their childhood and connect with other adults who grew up in the 90s. 80kids.com hopes you will enjoy this website and enjoy connecting with other former 80s kids!

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