Do You Remember these Board Games?

Growing up in the nineties pretty much meant that there are no video games, computer games, and smartphones that kids play with today. So what do we do when we have to stay indoors with our siblings or friends? We play board games! The 90s decade showed us how simple board games can transform into board games with rotating devices. If only Jumanji was real, right? So if you are a nineties kid who loved playing board games, how many of these have you played?


Monopoly board games can still be found in toy shops today since this board game has been around for forever. As kids, we loved how we can acquire imaginary streets, houses, and hotels while learning how to manage our imaginary cash. And who would ever forget how friendships were temporarily halted by this board game—just because you refused to sell that one piece of land!


Playing scrabble meant that we have to be prepared by knowing as many words as we can in able to score higher than our opponents. From simple three letter words, we try to master five letter words to score higher. And don’t we just feel proud when we form a long word?

Game of Life

Spinning that wheel was only one of the cool things with this board game. Playing this board game made us kids realize how our decisions throughout the game can change our lives through the education and career path we chose.


(Credit: flickr / Jun Seita)

A board game that challenges your drawing skills—how life challenging for a kid! Pictionary taught kids how to draw simple doodles in a way that can be easily guessed.


(Credit: flickr / John Morgan)

Even though this board game has been around decades prior the 90s, we still played it a lot back then. Even though it was a very simple board game, 90s kids loved candies and how each candy was brought to life in this game.

Snakes and Ladders

(Credit: flickr / Jacqui Brown)

Yet another simple board game that was excruciatingly hard to go through. Just when you get near the top, that annoyingly long snake drags you back down. Agony!

  1. Operation

This board game made kids want to become doctors and surgeons as if plucking out those bones and organs were all you need to do. This board game required us to have steady hands and full concentration to get that piece of organ out.

  1. Battleship

Released in the early thirties, the 90s kids still enjoyed this mind game a lot. Honestly, all it took was great guessing skills to completely sink your entire opponent’s battleship first.

  1. Don’t Wake Daddy

Nobody really knew why kids had to sneak around the house so they can get food from the fridge. This game was shockingly thrilling because you never know when daddy is going to sit up suddenly.

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