Fashion Fads in the 90s that We Grew Up Wearing Ourselves


If you grew up in the 90s, you know how there were different fashion statements that we were introduced to and even tried for our own. Some were cool, some were neat, and some were simply weird. But we tried them anyway! So here are some of the fashion fads in the 90s that you probably miss—or not.

  1. Branded Gear

There’s nothing wrong with wearing branded clothing, but there is something wrong when your clothes scream the brand too much. Not to mention that every single piece of visible clothing that you have on has the same brand. From our jeans, shirt, jacket, shoes, to our accessories, we went a bit overload.

2. Platform shoes

These shoes are slowly coming back out of the closet and into the runways. Well, who could forget how hard it is to walk in them? People in the nineties learned how to walk in platform shoes without tripping or falling over.

3. Crop tops

Crop tops, or baby tees, were quite a hit in the nineties among women. Whether they are shirts or sleeveless tops, the important thing was to have them hanging above your belly button.

4. Oversized Jeans

When oversized jeans came out, we thought that the wider the better. We didn’t mind that men looked like they were wearing a skirt, not to mention that both of their legs can already fit inside one leg of an oversized jean.

5. Low rise jeans

Low rise jeans can be sexy, but to have them super low can make the people beside you worry if they are going to fall down. That’s what we had in the nineties, men and women wearing low-rise jeans that seem to defy gravity and were kept in place despite moving in them a lot.

6. Bell-bottom jeans

Yet another jean fashion in the nineties, women loved bell bottom jeans. They looked hot and sexy until this type of jeans was introduced to crazy embellishments like nets, rips, sequins, drawstrings, and what-not.

7. Camouflage clothing

This decade told us that we don’t need to be in the army to be able to wear camouflage clothing. In fact, we were able to wear all types of camouflage clothing—dress, underwear, jackets, pants, shirt, hats, gloves—you name it.

8. Chokers

Another fashion trend that is being relived again today is chokers. These accessories can make any dull dress pop out, especially if they are made out of weird material or had strange pieces hanging on from them.

8. Overalls

Overalls were worn by kids, teens, and adults alike during this decade. It doesn’t matter if you have both straps up or not as long as you felt confident and proud of your style. To make it cooler, kids wore something eye-catching beneath those overalls, while artists simply wore tube tops.

9. Wristbands and headbands

Growing up in the nineties, I never really understood why wearing matching wristbands and headbands were considered cool. Kids in the nineties wore wristbands and headbands as a fashion statement, not for heading to the gym or exercising.

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