Top 5 Fads from the 90’s That Were Totally Awesome

Long live these 90’s fabs that we thought were the trends of the future. Even though we are glad they died in their own time, it doesn’t mean we didn’t have an awesome time with them. I mean, I can’t be the only one who thought fanny packs were cool, right?

Anyway, here are the top five fads from the 90s that were totally awesome.

5. Nintendo Game Boy

When it launched in the US in 1989, Nintendo’s portable console was a phenomenon, selling 40,000 units in one day. Other variations, such as the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Pocket saw us through the rest of the century. These days, smartphones put this classic toy to shame, but back then, it gave us the ability to take Mario and Tetris everywhere we go.

4. Reebok Pumps

If you had the Reebok Pumps back then, there was no questioning the fact that you were cool and had money (they were expensive). They allowed us to pump air into our shoes for a custom fit, which made kids who owned them giddy with joy, even when letting the air out. If you wanted to wow your fellow kids at school in the 90’s, you just had to show up in Reebok Pumps.

3. Pager

Credit: Stuck On Tape

Before communication technology became tools of self-obsession, there were pagers. When everyone heard that beep, they just knew you had to make an important phone call or lives could be lost, raising your street cred in the process. However, cell phones would eventually kill the pager star.

2. Fanny Packs

The Rock!!!

Back in the 90’s, having a backpack all the time was considered lame. So how did we carry all our Game Boy Cartridges, AAA batteries and other 90’s essentials around while keeping our hands free? With fanny packs wrapped around our waists of course. They were extremely practical, but I guess they got too popular with the dad crowd for kids to carry them into the 2000’s

1. Scrunchies

When it came to fastening long hair to create an adorable ponytail, scrunchies did the job superbly. On top of that, their elasticity made for a capable slingshot when young boys managed to sneak one out of their sister’s room. Scrunchies and fanny packs are making a comeback these days, but that doesn’t mean anyone can pull them off like back then.

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