Top Eight Nineties Kids TV Shows


Kids who grew up in the nineties know what it means to watch your favorite TV show. Unlike kids today who have access to the internet and YouTube which enables them to watch their favorite shows anytime, those of us who grew up in the nineties know that we have to actually wait for the actual air time schedule of a show on television.

Missing the schedule means that you missed your chance and will forever wonder what happened in that episode that you missed. Unless of course, you can ask your friends or classmates who also watch that same show to tell you everything.

So if you are a nineties kid, you know how these kids TV shows gave an impact in your life as a kid:

  1. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Scary enough to cause you nightmares but light enough to be watched by kids, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” is one of the most awaited TV shows in the nineties. Each episode tells a different horror story that left us believing in them, bringing us and our friends to form our own Midnight Society circles to exchange horror stories.

  1. Art Attack

Watching this TV show makes us want to try making cool art stuff every single time. With simple materials like cardboards, newspapers, glue, and paint, we watch how Art Attack host Neil Buchanan transforms them into works of art.

  1. Arthur

Who knew you can get great puns and lessons from a simple cartoon show? Arthur and his friends provide us simple and witty ways on how to face life as a kid—or aardvark kid.

  1. Ren and Stimpy

I remember my mom staring at this cartoon show and telling me not to watch it anymore without knowing why. Why we can’t still understand the adult jokes in this cartoon as a kid, we still got hooked about how gross these two characters are but still manage to have fun in their own crazy way.

  1. Legends of the Hidden Temple

Watching six teams of kids going through a Mayan-looking fortress maze to reach the goal and win the prize is an amazing thing to watch as kids.

  1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Turning the tables and making kids—especially girls—want to become witches, is what this TV show did. Sabrina was portrayed as a teen witch who also faces the same problems that teens have, while using her magical powers on the way.

  1. The X-Men

While our parents read the X-men comics, us nineties kids had the privilege to watch the X-men series on TV. Before the X-men movies came out, we already knew the characters and their mutant powers. So yeah.

  1. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

We learned how to protect the planet and our ecosystem not only from school but also through Captain Planet. Fighting off environmental problems like pollution, animal poaching, and deforestation, we kids knew that these should be stopped to save our planet!


These are only a few of the amazing world of TV shows that we had in the nineties, and we know how much more have created an impact on how we grew up and how we are now. For one, I still believe that I can make a giant art out of salt!


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